Inspired by breaking down stigmas in vaginal health, backed by science

Frustrated with the lack of options available for women, Amelia’s vaginal formulation was developed by scientists from over a year of dedicated R&D to help support a healthy vaginal microbiome. We’ve also consulted a variety of scientists, probiotics researchers, naturopaths and doctors to establish a product that is genuinely helpful to women.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards by one of Australia’s leading probiotic specialist manufacturers. All stages of manufacturing and packaging processes as well as quality testing of the product and materials are conducted in accordance with highest GMP and TGA standards and requirements.

  • Oral Consumption probiotics have to go through the gastric system, where the good bacteria can die from the harsh, acidic environment.

  • We have developed Australia's only vaginally-inserted pessary. Allowing for targeted and direct delivery of good bacteria.

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  • Professor Willa Huston

    Microbiologist and lead researcher at the University of Technology Sydney specialising in the reproductive tract microbiome and STIs.

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  • Jessica Lloyd

    Naturopathic doctor, author and vaginal microbiome expert. Founder at My Vagina.

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  • Dr Clinton Colaco

    Infectious Diseases Physician, with additional training in General and Acute Medicine

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  • Catherine Slogrove Founder and director of Amelia

    Catherine Slogrove

    Founder and Director

  • Dr Nada Millen

    Head of Science and Innovation


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